My Carrots…and some other party crashers!

This is summer in a pan ©rory kelly

So, I’m pulling carrots out of my ears right now…where’s Bugs when you need him…(no gags about Albuquerque please) and I think I’m covered for vitamin A until December!! When it comes to veg like this and especially when it comes from my own kitchen garden I’m a total traditionalist – zero sauces, zero embellishments, zero enhancements (well.. maybe butter).

Growing your own is an utter joy but it isn’t always straightforward. I lived in an apartment for 7 years before moving into a ‘grown up’ home so it wasn’t an option – but now companies are popping up that are changing that and if you are interested in learning more about creating a kitchen garden in your apartment the check out The Urban Farmer Squad for more information – its easier than you might think!

This is not a Lamb dish by the way – the lamb just happened to be hangin’ my fridge looking for something to boogie with and the Asparagus quite literally crashed the party at the last-minute – the star of the show here is the early carrots which are punchy, fruity (yip) and cook in seconds! This is a winner of a mid-week, mid-summer super.


WHAT YOU NEED -serves 2

4 Lamb loin chops

Bunch of fresh garden carrots

Bunch of Asparagus

4 tbs rapeseed oil

2 tps sweet Paprika

2 tps Cumin powder

1 tps Onion granules

2 tps cracked black pepper

2 tps salt flakes

juice 1/2 small lemon


Step1: Mix togteher the oil, Paprika, Cumin, Onion granules and black pepper then smother the lamb with this marinade. Cling and sling in the fridge for a couple of hours (or the night before). When you are ready to cook remove the lamb from teh fridge and allow to come up to room temp.

Step2: Bring a pan of salted water to a rolling boil and blanch the carrots for 3 minutes then remove to a plate and leave to one side

Step3: Add the asparagus to a wide frying pan with some rapeseed oil and a scatter of salt flakes and fry the asparagus for about 2 minutes tops. Remove and set aside with the carrots

Step4: Veg prepped next season the lamb well and squeeze over the lemon juice. Sling under a screaming hot grill for 3 minutes each side.

Step5: Arrange the carrots and asparagus in an oven pan and lug over a little rapeseed oil, pepper and salt and then the lamb – slingin a pre-heated oven for literally 1 minute until teh veg comes back to temp

Step6: Serve (as usual with me) straight from the oven pan with a pile of spuds



10 thoughts on “My Carrots…and some other party crashers!

    1. Ha ha!! I wish – Saturday mornings is my usual drop in time C-Bops. I cleaned the lads outta ribs last Saturday AM – they’re also doing a great line in South African sausages – catherine wheel stylie – a mix of beef, pork and lamb – very unusual!

    1. Tell Hungry Dad this is a winner and Yaaay indeed for carrots – these beauties are the star attraction, its kinda weird but because we grew these I felt strangely guilty about eating them……until my wife brought me to my senses by simply devouring them!!

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