Beet these………….

Big Beets! ©rory kelly

So the one draw back of a kitchen garden going bananas at the minute is the absolute glut of produce – which is great – but I don’t have a family if 40+ starving mouths and I ain’t a huge fan of freezing stuff ( I have funny story about that by the way) so pickling is the next best option and the absolute king of the pickle jar is the mighty beetroot.

My beets were up and at ’em about 4-5 weeks ago, gently boiled, peeled and cooled before being shredded, mixed with balsamic and Feta or jarred and pickled like the beauties in the pic above. Tonight was their first outing and they sat proudly next to shredded carrots, smoked salmon and crusty brown bread…but it was the beets that made the final snap here…those carrots got the lime light last night!!

This is a great little pickling recipe that works with just about any veg you care to think of – its gently spiced a little sweet and the sting of the vinegar is tempered with gentle cooking.


1 clean mayo jar (large and empty)

handful of medium sized beets

500mls pickling vinegar

300 grms caster sugar

1 tbs cayenne pepper

1 tbs coriander seeds

1 tps black pepper corns


Step1: Remove the stalks from the beets and boil for about 15 minutes – its important to keep the skin on to ensure the juice ergo the colour doesn’t leak away.

Step2: When cooked (like a spud) remove and leave to cool before peeling with the back of a table knife – discard the skin.

Step3: In a pan bring the vinegar to a rolling boil add the sugar, pepper, coriander and cayenne then reduce to a gentle simmer for 10 minutes.

Step4: Remove from the heat and taste – it should twang, but it shouldn’t turn your face inside out – if it does just sling in some more sugar and continue to simmer.

Step5: When you are happy with the pickling liquor pop the beets into the mayo jar then pour it in – screw on the lid very tightly and leave in a cool dark place for at least 1 month for the pickle to mature and take to the beets.

Step6: Serve with things like heavy cheeses, cold meat or fish cuts or dash over some Balsamic and eat with crackers.




4 thoughts on “Beet these………….

  1. Unbeetable! There is great satisfaction in growing your own. The problem is quantity. It would be very easy to become that nut who brings vegetables around to the neighbourhood.

    1. I have been tempted Conor – but I have been reigned in by my good lady, a much wiser owl than me with words along the lines of “if you step out that door with those spuds we through….” neighbourhood nut prevention right there!

    1. The jars? Nah, I don’t bother they’ve been sterilised already and gone through my dishwasher 🙂 yeah, I think beets you either like be or hate….I can And eat them right outta the jar hence my permanently pink fingers Kathryn!

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