Smoked Sea Trout…and the end of summer..or is it!?


Fish Salad
Organised chaos ©rory kelly

It’s Friday night and I had planned a big mad take-away blow out..I have 3-4 amazing joints within a 3 minute radius of my front door – Chinese, Thai, Chipper, Indian but I landed home opened the fridge looking for a beer and thought “bugger it…I have some seriously good stuff right here staring straight back at me”!

Now, I dig a fat greasy chip buttie or a tray of deep fried duck as much as the next guy but the component parts of the salad you are looking here are literally signing at me…plus someone flipped my ‘lazy button’ to maximum when I rocked in home…going out to hunt for food no matter how bad (good) and wonderfully decadent it might be is now not happening…I will have a beer or 6 with this smoked fish though!

If you haven’t tried smoked Sea Trout you gotta, its a great alternative to the omnipotent smoked salmon and has a much more delicate flavour to it, its a little cheaper aswell. 

WHAT YOU NEED – serves 4

4 fillets of smoked sea trout

14/ block of quality Feta cheese (crumbled)

6 small new potatoes (cooked and cooled)

6 small sweet pickled beets (cut in quarters)

4-5 medium broccoli florettes

2-3 handfuls baby spinach (ripped up)

1 handful rocket (ripped up)

6 sun dried tomatoes (finely sliced)

Red cabbage (finely shredded)

6-8 Button mushrooms (finely shredded)

For the dressing

1 tbs creme fraice

1 tbs mayo

juice 1/2 lime

1 tps sweet paprika

Salt, cracked black pepper and olive oil


Ok – so this is not rocket science so how to pull this altogether is entirely up to you its the flavours that work here but here is how I threw this on a baking tray!

Step 1: Scatter the ripped spinach and rocket on a wide baking tray

Step 2: Shave over the broccoli florettes and add the Feta

Step 3: Scatter over the mushrooms and the red cabbage

Step 4 At this point squeeze season with salt and pepper and a few lugs of olive oil

Step 5: Finally lay on the smoked sea trout, beetroot and potatoes randomly

Step 6: Make the dressing by combining the mayo, creme fraiche, lime and season to taste

Step 7: From a height and using a dessert spoon ‘apply’ the dressing to everything…I’ve gone slightly Jackson Pollock here…but it works 🙂

That’s it – enough with the below beer and some good quality rye bread


ESTRELLA DAMM – Barcelona’s finest


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