Crispy Duck with Chili slaw

I’m gona have to stop eating duck, I can’t fit in my jeans anymore!!

This is a bit of  a corker this one, hot or cold and it’s particularly summery. Top tip by the way..NEVER EVER THROW DUCK FAT AWAY…keep it in the fridge and use it for roasting spuds!!

2 Plates:
2 Duck legs well seasoned
Rocket leaves
Cos leaves
1/2 small White cabbage shredded
1/3 small Red cabbage shredded
1 Courgette shredded
1 red onion sliced
2 waxy spuds boiled and cooled
2 tbs Sweet chili sauce
Salt and pepper

For the duck:
Stick on a roasting tray and roast well for at least 1 hour, drain the fat during the cooking (keep it). Take the duck out and let cool.

For the slaw:
Either by hand or through a food processor, shred the 2 cabbages, onion and courgette. Mix together in a bowl then season with sweet chili sauce, salt and pepper.

Arrange as you can see in the pic – leafs, spuds (drizzle on some duck fat), slaw and the the duck.

I can’t look the ducks in Stephen’s Green in the eyes anymore…they know, they just know.


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