Baked Courgette with Sunblushed Tomatoes and Goats Cheese

Tray baked Marrow with Goats cheese
Tray baked Marrow with Goats Cheese

I’m a huge courgette fan, raw or cooked I love them. I’m an even bigger fan of the over ripe Courgette or whats commonly known as the Marrow. Marrows are perfect for tray roasting, they are large enough to stuff and robust enough to hold together during the cooking process…if you’re not into either of these then they can be used as a weapon……seriously, they can!

Baked Marrow with Sunblushed tomatoes – serves 4

1 large marrow
A rich, acidic goats cheese like the Italian Brunet
1 big tub of blushed tomatoes (deli bought – don’t muck around blushing your own)
100grms cherry tomatoes halved
Really good quality Olive Oil
Salt and pepper
1/2 glass of white wine
Fresh Oregano

Kick off by lightly oiling a roasting tray, then cut the marrow into 2cm wide rounds then remove the centre leaving just a marrrow ‘ring’.

Place the marrow in the roasting tray and coat with the oil, season well then filling the centre with the cherry and blushed tomatoes.

Add a generous amount of the good olive oil into the roasting tray along with the wine and Oregano – sling into a medium oven for 30minutes or until the marrow is soft…but not mushy.

5 minutes before the end of the roasting place a generous ‘knob’ of the goats cheese ontop of the roasted tomatoes abd finish back in the oven.

Serve as a starter or for the poor vegetarian bugger that’s turned up unannounced at your dinner party!!

Marrow and Goats Cheese
Tray Baked marrrow – pre-baking

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