Parma Ham and Rocket Pizza


Parma Ham and Rocket Pizza
Rocket and Parma Pizza


OK – so I do bang on about pizza quite a bit, but what the hell this thing is a rockin’ roll invention and I will never get tired of it…..well maybe if my waiste-line starts creeping over 32in…but until then I will continue to attempt to turn myself into a pizza!

So in celebration of this fact here is my best pizza recipe right here…it’s a repost so it’s for the newbies here!

Topping: (you decide, but mine is:)
6 slices of good parma ham (not the packet stuff from Tesco – get it cut in a Deli)
Buch of fresh Rocket
Parmesan shavings (the fresh stuff, from teh Deli you gona get the Parma from!)
1 ball of Buffalo Mozerella

250grams of strong white bread flour
1 pack of fast acting yeast
1 tsp salt
1 tsp sugar
150 grams luke warm water (weigh the water, its more acurate)

Tin of good chopped tomatos
Fresh Basil – hand full
Salt to taste

Start off with the bread base – combine flour, yeast, salt, sugar and mix together in a deep bowl (don’t hang around as the salt will kill the yeast if you leave it). Bang in the luke warm water and get stuck in with your hands, dusting as you need in order to prevent cement fingers. When all is combined turn out onto a floured board and kneed for a minimum of 10mins, pull and stretch the dough until it starts to become smooth. Put the ball of dough back in the bowl and cover, leave for 1hr until its doubles in size.

After the dough has risen, knock it back (hit it and it deflates) then begin forming the basic pizza shape. Don’t get the rolling pin out as it knocks the remaining air right out and you’ll end up with crispy frisbee. Pull and stretch with your fingers and make a ‘rustic’ looking base (see above).

Get the oven on and really crank it to 11, the greater the heat the better.  Place your base on a flat baking tray, spoon on the tomato, rip on some basil and finish with torn pieces of the Buffalo Mozerella. 10minutes in your hellishly hot oven will do the job.

You can check if the underside of the pizza is cooked if it slides around on the baking tray when you shake it – if it doesn’t move then leave it!

Finish your Pizza with the Parma Ham, Rocket and finally your Parmesan shavings….Bada Bing.



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