Fantastic Fish Pie

Fish Pie with Mash
Autumnal Fish Pie


So this is number 3 in my pie series and I’ve moved onto fish this time – now I’ll be right upfront and honest and tell you Fish Pie is not a huge feature on my menu..simply because I’m a lazy bugger when it comes to comfort food like pies and I rarely stray from the path.

As with all pies there is a little time and effort required but the results are brilliant – if you want an easy fish pie recipe this is the one you need – full of seafood like Salmon, Cod and prawns along with great leeks and a mornay style white sauce.

Serves 4 (easily)

2 medium Salmon darns

1 medium smoked Cod fillet

100grms cooked prawns

1 large leek finely sliced

4 large spuds

White (Mornay style) sauce

2 tbs AP flour

Big knob of butter

750mls milk

1 chicken stock cube

100grms grated fresh Parmesan cheese


So this is a pre-cook, assembly and warm through dish – kick off by poaching the fish (not the prawns) in the milk with a stock cubed crumbled into it. Let the fish cool then flake it, saute the prawns and set aside with the fish until cooled.

Next make your Mornay – melt the butter in a pan, add the flour and cook for a few moments stirring continually until the mixture smells like baked biscuits, then sling in the milk in stages and whisk well until it thickens to a sauce consistency – season and add the Parmesan.

Next saute the leeks until soft and sweet – season if needed.

In a wide rectangular gratin dish layer the leeks, then the fish then the prawns – pour over the Mornay sauce and allow to cool completely.

Finish off by cooking the spuds and turn ’em into a buttery mash then scatter over the fish pie – the sauce will have thicken enough when it has cooled to take the weight of the spuds.

If you want an extra twist to this scatter bread crumbs over the spuds and cook in a 3/4 heat oven until warm through.


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